Friday, April 24, 2009

where is all the time going

everytime i look at the blog and see the countdown to next weekend i start to freak out. a little freak out is ok... i haven't gone to panick or hysteria. did you realize it is less than a week away.
my to do list:
  • t-shirts-done
  • goodie bags-mostly done
  • new product-here and in
  • shop for food
  • move half the store

there are several things left to do but can't be done until next week. i can't believe the time is here already.

we have been busy putting new stuff in and getting it out. we had a re-order of ten second studios, so if you are looking for more molds we have them in. we also got in a ton of creative imaginations (they just might be one of the nsd specials: wink, wink). lots of new american crafts thickers. rachael told me she was tired of putting new stuff in. we are getting ready for next weekend, there will be tons of fun here at the store and for those of you at the retreat.

this weekend's agenda: get lots of rest, after the basketball games, game night, and first communion.

happy scrapping


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i won something!!!!!

if you have ever been to one of the retreats at the store you may have heard me say that i never win any door prizes. that i wish someone would have retreat for me so i can hopefully win a prize. guess what... i did win a prize. i am super excited because i never win anything. prism, one of the cardstocks we carry, had a drawing for a class kit. all i had to do was place an order and i won. you can click here to go to prism's blog. i love that my name shows there on their blog and they linked to my website.

and while i was there i started looking around. i found this on their website which i thought was super cool as well. it takes the guesswork out of finding cardstock for some of the lines i carry. so all you have to do is go to the cardstock, and since i have them so conveniently labeled you can get the colors you need. how easy is that.


Friday, April 17, 2009

black market paper society

black market paper society's let it bloom. this line is purple without being too purple.

also, imported rhythm is a great line. i love the brown with the orange. it even has pink and you know that i am not a pink person but it is just the right amount to not freak me out.
we also got in a new line of graduation from reminisce that we are trying to get out today.
happy scrapping

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cuttlebug fanatic

are you a cuttlebug fanatic? are anxiously awaiting the next release of folders? then this is the blog you need to visit. this post here shows a couple sneak peaks of what is to come. you have to scroll down quite a bit so don't give up. but, they are needing more followers. if they reach 1,000 followers provo craft will let them release another sneak peak. so go to to follow. and while you are there look around and get some amazing ideas. those ladies truly have some fabulous ideas, so plan on spending some time there.

happy scrapping.

Monday, April 6, 2009

ten seconds studio class

here is christy at the demo. she is letting these ladies play with the different molds and giving them tons of ideas of how to get the most out of this metal.

we had a blast at the ten seconds studio class. this metal is absolutely amazing. you can do so much with it. in the class we used the molds to make some amazing embellishments. with this metal you can:
getting started in the class.
it is amazing stuff.
using the paper stump and mold to get the pattern on the metal.
  • emboss it
  • sand it
  • use alcohol inks (which will blend with the color of the metal)
  • use chalk inks on it
  • wrinkle it
  • die cut it

there are so many ways to make this metal fit your project and to truly make it yours.

be proud of these two. these are their first ever scrapbook pages. they will use the metal in all their various altered art projects.
if this looks like fun and you missed the class don't worry, when i have had time to play and get to really know the ins and outs i will teach another class. it definitely is something you will want to try.