Friday, April 24, 2009

where is all the time going

everytime i look at the blog and see the countdown to next weekend i start to freak out. a little freak out is ok... i haven't gone to panick or hysteria. did you realize it is less than a week away.
my to do list:
  • t-shirts-done
  • goodie bags-mostly done
  • new product-here and in
  • shop for food
  • move half the store

there are several things left to do but can't be done until next week. i can't believe the time is here already.

we have been busy putting new stuff in and getting it out. we had a re-order of ten second studios, so if you are looking for more molds we have them in. we also got in a ton of creative imaginations (they just might be one of the nsd specials: wink, wink). lots of new american crafts thickers. rachael told me she was tired of putting new stuff in. we are getting ready for next weekend, there will be tons of fun here at the store and for those of you at the retreat.

this weekend's agenda: get lots of rest, after the basketball games, game night, and first communion.

happy scrapping