Monday, February 2, 2009

design studio class

jennifer will be teaching this class. i know there are several of you out there that have the software or maybe want the software, but are not sure what all it can do. jennifer will take you through the many possibilities this program has to offer. if you have the program on a laptop and can bring it to class that would be great. if not we will partner you up with some one who has it. you will get a handout with the most common questions for you to take other notes on as well.
here is what the program looks like on your screen.
one of the many things you can do is weld letters. this is probably the most common use of the program.
hope to see you there.

february 21st in store retreat

finally, sign-ups for the february in-store retreat are here. if you have never been to a retreat they are tons of fun. here are the details:
  • the fun is from 10 am to midnight
  • cost $40
  • you get lunch, dinner, and a goodie stash
  • you get a 20% discount
  • we do blue light specials: you get 3 minutes to shop for a category and you get a better discount on those items
  • and door prizes

this photo is from one of the first in-store retreats we had. they are lots of fun. come by yourself or come with a friend.

we have had many calls about this one so make sure you call or email early tomorrow. if need be we will make a waiting list.