Monday, April 6, 2009

ten seconds studio class

here is christy at the demo. she is letting these ladies play with the different molds and giving them tons of ideas of how to get the most out of this metal.

we had a blast at the ten seconds studio class. this metal is absolutely amazing. you can do so much with it. in the class we used the molds to make some amazing embellishments. with this metal you can:
getting started in the class.
it is amazing stuff.
using the paper stump and mold to get the pattern on the metal.
  • emboss it
  • sand it
  • use alcohol inks (which will blend with the color of the metal)
  • use chalk inks on it
  • wrinkle it
  • die cut it

there are so many ways to make this metal fit your project and to truly make it yours.

be proud of these two. these are their first ever scrapbook pages. they will use the metal in all their various altered art projects.
if this looks like fun and you missed the class don't worry, when i have had time to play and get to really know the ins and outs i will teach another class. it definitely is something you will want to try.