Friday, June 5, 2009

school stuff

today i got in my re-order of my custom school papers and embellishments. for each school we have 2 different patterned papers, 2 die-cuts, and 2 sticker sheets. we added 6 new schools: memphis, clarendon, hartley, silverton, texline, and sunray. that brings our total schools to fifty, that's right 50. i never in my wildest dreams would have thought we would have 50 different schools. i think we pretty much have all schools covered in the texas panhandle. if we don't have your school and you are interested in us getting it please come by the store. it helps if you are here to pick the right shades of your school colors. it just shows how far so many of you gals travel to support us. thank you, both the in town and out of town shoppers. you make it possible for me to do what i do.

also in this order we got several different destination papers and stickers. hawaii, florida, colorado, alaska, texas of course, and several others.

happy scrapping,