Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Scrapbook Weekend Retreat

we had a blast at the national scrapbook day weekend retreat. everytime someone who works for the hotel makes this statement "there is more stuff in that room than people." it is true. all that stuff and so much fun.

there is serious scrapbook done, but i think there is always more talking. as we all know the visiting is what makes these so much fun.

the group photo shoot. i check to make sure everyone is in place, then i run to the chant "run tara run" and get in the picture. if you have ever seen a group photo before you will see that i am in my spot. everyone knows that is my spot. we had 90 women in this ballroom.

this is smitty, and he is holding his first ever layout. he decided he wanted to join the fun so i grabbed some paper, pictures, stickers, scissors, trimmer and adhesive. he was in business. his daughter's were not impressed with his page the next morning when he showed it to them. it was missing all the cute stuff. by the way, he is wearing a small tshirt, i am shocked he got in it.
this is the rest of the coaches and parents to the basketball girls that were staying in the hotel that night. they completed another layout as a group project. and believe me they needed everyone's input (look at the table if you have't guessed why).
all in all it was a great weekend. can't wait for the next one. check out the countdown if you need to know when it is.
happy scrapping.